About Us



The Algerian American Community of Michigan (A2CM) dedicates its resources to serve the best interest of the Algerian-American community in Michigan and its vicinity by providing charitable, social, and educational services for the betterment of its members and supporters.  



· Establish, maintain, and operate A2CM for charitable, social, and educational services conforming with 501 (c) (3) IRS Code in Michigan and its vicinity; 

· Promote unity and joint action among A2CM members and create a welcoming environment; 

· Coordinate and cooperate with other associations that share similar mission and goals; 

· Arrange and hold social, cultural, and national festivals during convenient times; 

· Support community members in misfortune during their hard times.     


Core Values

  · Excellence A2CM commits to innovation and creativity, strives to produce the highest quality results in all its endeavors, and nurtures a spirit of excellence and perseverance.  

  • Collaboration      and Unity A2CM cultivates synergy among      its members, works together with its stakeholders to shape and deliver a      future in a surrounding of support and openness that respects diversity,      facilitates communication, and makes collaboration constructive.
  • Learning      A2CM values practical education, emphasizes active learning, and fosters      responsibility and the desire for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge that      benefits the participants.
  • Ethics and Trust A2CM volunteers strive to achieve the      responsibilities entrusted in them focusing on providing quality      service to the community members in the best approach they can.      Furthermore, A2CM recognizes the inherent      dignity of each Algerian-American community member and accordingly treats      everyone with respect and acts with all with fairness, honesty, and      integrity.